SGM welcomes back our founding director, Karen Burgman, who is again teaching her Rhythmic Movement and Musical Expression class.  RMME is being offered 10 weeks in the fall semester and is invaluable to both choral students and instrumentalists.

Testimonials from past SGM choristers:

“Music is not only something you see, hear, or even create, it is also something that you must feel.  It is alive and physical, and this understanding is crucial to a musician’s development.  My years of RMME training under Karen Burgman opened a rainbow of new colors and expressions to be used in my own music-making and teaching.  This approach gave me a new and exciting way to express music in motion and to understand my craft in a deeper more physical way.  I highly recommend both the course and the instructor!”

“I think that music is so physical. No matter what instrument you play or music you like, understanding the way it physically translates is so important. Breath, rhythm, and phrasing are all part of and improved by RMME. Also, there’s no better teacher so..”

“Taking RMME helped to shape me as a musician and as a pianist. One of the main things I learned in RMME was how to feel music: the beat, the movement, the shape of the music. Taking this class allowed me to understand patterns in music better, which gave me a deeper understanding of how to both hear, and perform, music. I also learned several techniques for how to physically move my body and hands to understand and even “see” the shape of the music. We learned how to connect our muscles to the music and how to remove tension from our bodies so that we could more easily learn and play complicated rhythms and lines of music. I often used these techniques before performing or competing in the years that followed. I would highly recommend this class to any musician who wants to understand the movement and feel of music in a deeper, more conscious way.”